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Dharan, Sunsari

Dharan is a small and beautiful town in the eastern Nepal of Sunsari district.It is geographically located on the lap of tranquil hills with eye touching landscapes on the northen sides.Sardu Khola on the west,Seuti Khola on the  east  and the dense forest on the south.It is also known as  gateway to the hilly region from where hilly towns like Dhankuta,Khotang, Bhojpur,Terathum and Sankhuwasabha can be reached.Dharan, A Queen of Eastern Nepal, have been succeeded to attract the domestic and international tourists including south Asian in thousands of number within a year.

It is accessible by direct bus from Kathmandu which takes around 12 hours or by flight to Biratnagar.The climate here is very mild and moderate.It is not only beautiful but also clean city with clean roads.It is also known as 'Pokhara' of eastern Nepal.Here majority of the people are involved in giving armed service to the United kingdom and police of Singapore and even India .So, the city has also gained its popularity by knowing as the 'City Of Ex-Armies' .It is the dominant of Kirant Communities. Rai  and Limbu  ethnic groups have majority population along with Gurung,Magar,Tamang,Sherpa,Newar,etc.The communities residing here are conscious in their culture and tradition though there is a big influence of  western cultures.You can also enjoy their culture & tradition which gives you maevellous entertainment.

Though Dharan is a small town it is rich in its natural,cultural and even historical aspects.It is also famous for religious point of view. Temples like Buddasubba,Dantakali,Pindeswori and Panchakanya are the major temples that has gained the popularity not only in Nepal but also far abroad .Budhasubba is famous for bamboos that dont have tips. Couples write their names on the bamboo with the belief that they will have a long relationship. So,Dharan is   the best Destination for pilgrimage point of view Besides, it has Asia's  second largest hospital named B.P.Koirala Institute of Health  and Sciences which is one of the best medical colleges in Nepal. After a couple of hours drive by Land Rover,you can also have a majestic view of SaptaKoshi( union of 7 rivers) and experience the jet-boat on the river SaptaKoshi with beautiful landscapes and birds. While you are in Dharan do not miss to go for rafting from Tamor river to Koshi. Bhedetar (Sheep's Butte) is a beautiful hillside only about 15km from Dharan. It marks the end of the Tarai (plains) and the beginning of the foothills of the Himalaya. There are a number of lodges along the way providing a nice view down to the south.

You can view the scenic beauty of Dharan from Charles Point Bhedetar. You can visit many greenery parks like the Hariyali Park, Yalambar Park,Langali park and Saptarangi park where you can also see many wild animals wondering around in these parks. So, Dharan is perfectly designed by God to the nature lover and to those who love wild adventure.

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